I’ve been involved in the NLP community for over 20 years and has extensive experience in the Core Transformation Technique.

She is a qualified NLP Certified Practitioner with INLPTA and has also been exposed to the teachings of many NLP and Personal Development Teachers

Such as: Anthony Robbins, Chris Howard, Marvin Oka, Dr. John De Martini, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy and many, many more.

All this coupled with profound business and life skills makes Blazenka the perfect choice for Transformation and dealing with values conflicts and limiting beliefs.

Core Transformation is a simple, elegant and effective tool that will gently take you into the core of your being to profoundly heal your deepest blockages.

All this while you experience core states such as inner peace, love and a sense of oneness.

It resolves inner confusion and turmoil and empowers you beyond what you think is possible.

What can Core Transformation do for you?

  • Transforms any thoughts, feelings or behaviours
  • Consciously take control of your subconscious
  • Supports physical healing by removing emotional blockages
  • Expand your awareness & dissolve self sabotage
  • Enhance positive emotions & accelerate success

What makes Core Transformation different?

  • Learn to be your own therapist
  • Holistic and calming
  • Easy and simple
  • Wide spread applications
  • Empowering

“Core transformation quickly takes you to the core of your being. What a powerful and simple gift! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve higher states of love, peace and joy.”

Jack Canfield

Author “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

What is core transformation?

Core Transformation is a transformational healing tool. It is a simple 10 step process that can take you to the core of your being and gently heal any issue. It was developed by Connirae Andreas in 1989, as part of her quest to help people through the most difficult issues. It is so effective and elegant that it profoundly heals even the deepest blockages.

It’s simplicity, power and gentleness grounds and astonishes people. It sometimes has the tendency to be easily dismissed as ‘too simple’. After working with some people, I find their issues are so completely resolved, that they argue whether they had the problem in the first place.

What’s unique about Core Transformation is instead of pushing away problems and things we dislike about ourselves, we learn to welcome and transform them. For example when I used to feel shy, I forced myself to talk to people using will power but it came at a cost and didn’t come across as authentic. Using will power, I changed my actions on the outside but my inner conflict remained.

Core Transformation heals the core of the issue rather than leaving it lay in the deep subconscious unresolved. It does this firstly by accepting the premise that every issue has a positive intention for you, no matter how negative the behavior or feeling. As you welcome that ‘negative part’ of you, like a friend in disguise, you get to discover what this part has wanted for you all along, for example it could be ‘safety’. We then step into having complete safety in our imagination and become aware of what we really wanted through having safety.

We continue to discover and step into having these deeper levels of being and at a certain point a shift happens. We move away from wanting something from outside of ourselves – from other people and situations to a place of already having it inside of ourselves. Reaching the deepest level of being is what we call our core state. This is an amazing experience of reconnecting with your inner being where you experience feelings such as peace, oneness or love. This is what resolves the inner conflict and transforms us from within.

This process has wide applications and can be used as a professional development tool, as a therapeutic tool as well as a spiritual practice. It can also help you discover the feeling (core states) behind your goals, to guide and accelerate you towards the fulfillment of your desires in the most effective and empowering way. It is very powerful when it is first experienced and increases in potentiality exponentially the more you use the process

If you want more out of life – I invite you to experience, what has been for me and many others the most liberating experience. Give yourself the gift of inner healing and empowerment through Core Transformation. I can promise you that it will be one of the kindest and most loving things you will do for yourself.