Gratitude to cure the impulse to buy stuff

The impulse to buy stuff is a common dilemma that has plagued many people for centuries. Often it is a byproduct of boredom and not having healthy financial boundaries.

There is a large disparity betwee being thankful for what you have, and wanting and buying more of what you don’t have.

The good news is that we can use gratitude to overcome the urges to buy a lot of stuff we don’t need. These buying impulses are being created in us by the purveyors of consumerism and large corporations. We don’t have to listen to their messages of needing more things at a supposed discount (as if spending money needed for more important things or getting into debt is “saving” money).  There is a falsehood promotion every week telling us we need to buy things for our loved ones to show our love for them.

We can counteract these messages with gratitude:

  1. I’m grateful for what I already have and for the life I’m already living. When I appreciate what I already have and don’t need more, I can save so much by not buying anything, especially things I don’t need, and finding joy and contentedness in what I already have.
  2. There are so many different ways we can show our love for the important people in our lives rather than buying them stuff and things that they may not need or even appreciate. We can show our gratitude for them being in our lives by giving them hugs, sending them thoughtful and meaningful letters or notes, spending time with them, playing games indoors and out with them.
  3. We can give them support in special projects, we can listen and talk to them in times of need.

When we get these impulses to buy more, it doesn’t mean we have to follow those impulses. We can recognize the subtle guilt that rises up in us when we begin to consider a shopping purchase that is not necessary. The false excitement that comes from imagining a future with these purchases in our lives gives us a temporary puffed up euphoria which later turns to regret!

Instead, we can calm these feelings and emotions by refocusing our attention on the present. By turning your attention to the things and situations you already have in your life that you are truly grateful for you can find amazing contentment. Turn your attention to the people in your life, far and wide, and you will find incredible gratitude for their presence in your life. Turn to all that you have, materially and monetarily and spiritually, and be grateful for it being there. Be grateful for the opportunity to live life, for the joy that you can find in every moment, for the good that’s inside of you right now.

These are the things that can bring us joy instead of stuff. This is an opportunity for us to feel gratitude instead of buying stuff.