Core Transformation Heals the core of the issue rather than leaving it lay in the deep subconscious unresolved.

“I now find the persona I used to struggle to maintain everyday to make people think I was OK is no longer a struggle…coz it is now me for real. Soto others I may still look the same .;.. but from my side the world is now in high definition 3D technicolor.”

Thanks again georgeous heart xxxx Cheryl Ford, Geelong, 11th May 2012

“After having just one Core Transformation session with Blazenka, in which we dealt with some problems that I was having with my eyesight (astigmatism ) and the excruciating joint pain in my shoulders; I experienced a dramatic improvement in both areas of my body that very day , and these shifts have remained improved.

I can now enjoy reading books again, (which for a book worm like me is heavenly). I can take my eyes off the page and look around the room and then focus back on the words without having to wait 5 seconds for my eyes to readjust their focus and I have noticed I can read small print on the back of food labels again which is something I had recently started having trouble with.

I have been a Massage Therapist for 20 years and in the last few years, I have been experiencing severe burning pain in my shoulder joints. The day I saw Blazenka I was in agony…..an hour later I was about 70% pain free!! I have a little more work to do on my shoulders however, since this session I have felt stronger and more able to do physical work.

I am such a raving fan of Core Transformation and of Blazenka’s ablility to illicit a relaxation state. Her voice is soothing and calming and I felt very nurtured throughout this simple yet elegant process.”

Donna Ansems, Life Skills Trainer, Bonbeach. March 2012

“Wow, what a workshop, I can’t believe we covered so much with so little effort. It is great to know there is such a powerful process out there that can be not only experienced but learnt as well. I will cherish this knowledge for a life time. I also was powerfully impacted by facilitating other participants and getting so much out of there growth and learning as well. This has to be one of the best workshops I have been to in a long time. Also I felt I got more for my money than I usually get from these sorts of things….”

Thank you Blazenka you are a true master. Kind regards Frederick 7-8-2011

Hello Blazenka,

A short note of appreciation for hosting me on the Core Transformation Course last weekend. On the surface the process seems too simple, too good to be true but the experiences I had over the seminar have clearly demonstrated that it is deceptively powerful and if practiced regularly as you have very wisely recommended, the process will be very beneficial.

Thank you also for the follow up work you undertook on my query. You certainly found the answer to it.

I admired your training approach and your presentation and explanation was excellent. I hope you don’t mind if I recommend your seminar to all and sundry. The benefits one can derive will not only be direct but also have the capacity for a flow on effect to others.”

Love and best wishes, Bill Trotter 9-8-2011

What I got for the session?

Peace: being able to go within.

Joy: having a laugh at the situation at the end of the session.

Relaxation: body letting go. Trust the therapy will guide me into great sleep, therefore giving me the energy to return to my energetic lifestyle.”

Lynda Dickson 18th July 2011

What I got from the session?

Peace & self love. Clear direction & ultimate aim.

Removal of obstacles to success.

Healing of past & those connected to past.”

Paula Densley 18th March 2011

What I got from the session?

After the session I felt relaxed, less stressed. I worked out what was bothering me and what I need to work on within myself.”

Lauren Schipper 31st March 2011

What I got from the session?

This was my first coaching session and I felt very relaxed. I got a lot out of it and I feel + believe that I will be able o fulfill all of my goals. I am looking forward to my next session.”

Amy Krasey 27th March 2011

What I got form this session?

I didn’t think it would work . . . I just went along with it . . .

I already have freedom. Last session I experienced being free in the moment, more natural & more friendships & socializing. You certainly know your stuff.”

Naomi Bissell 18th March 2011

Dear Blazenka,

I started writing to you from work on Monday morning and this is what I wrote,

Dear Blazenka,

I am writing to you to thankyou for a wonderful weekend course of “Core Transformation”.

Last night I slept lIke a baby. This morning I woke at 5.30 am to the sound of the alarm refresed and invigorated.

Feeling as good as I did this morning is enough reason for me to be writing to you……..The bonus is, I know, there has been considerable re-programming taken place for me.

Because of your workshop I am at work with enthusiasm………. Motivated to have a good day and even better days ahead.”

Thankyou, Pam Taylor. 14-8-2011

PS. On the way to work this morning I realised I was benefiting also from the nurturing energy your home holds and was previledged to be a part of your beautiful home and family………. also, loved the warm cake……. thankyou for all of these gifts.

So, I am sorry I didn’t send this earlier however I am glad I captured my thoughts while I had them.

My week has been busy. The overall difference I am noticing is that I am doing a little more in the line of sorting through stuff and getting ahead. I have all bedroom doors open now and have sent my Tax in. I went to work all 5 days which is a plus and I have been eating more of better quality food,went to the Drs at last today also and have arranged for my lawn to be mown on Monday. I feel as if I am going forward once again as I am not procrastinating as much.”