IYA – Sessions

Welcome to the Iyengar Yoga Advanced classes

Having mastered some of the basics and more difficult poses lends it self to wanting more and to find things that will challenge us in a safe but interesting way. Those of you who wish to make this a life long practice and add it to the list of things that take you towards self mastery will find these classes highly supportive towards that end. . These structured and versatile classes are designed to challenge you in a safe and healthy way and take you to whole new level of skill and flexibility. These classes are also geared towards having the ability to show and help others and are preparation for making yoga a part of your holistic disciplines. Teaching is the next step from Advanced once one feels that this pathway is a calling on their life.

We use blankets, balusters, ropes and other equipment to ensure you do not over stretch. Each student is carefully guided through their own journey at their own pace and after several five weeks classes you will easy be able to tackle even more difficult postures whilst not putting you at risk for any injury and unwarranted discomfort.

Once you have spent sufficient time and master the advanced level (takes a while and not for the feint heart-ed) private tuition is available for those who want special one on one attention to help master some of the difficult poses and to possibly begin preparation for a career in teaching. Those whom feel they need more time they are welcome to repeat the first five lessons as many times as they like or combine some more ambitious postures in the second or third time around.

Come enjoy a relaxed class with a maximum of 10 people in an intimate and controlled environment. Each class is approximately 1.5 hours and is structured to build on the last so there is a natural flow and order to things.

After several months and building on the foundations of each level you will start to experience a huge difference in your well being and will be well on the way to improved health and happiness. Come join us and learn and grow.