PT – Session

Welcome to the Iyengar Yoga Private Tuition

Those of you who wish to make this a life long practice and add it to the list of things that take you towards self mastery will find these classes highly supportive towards that end. Also those of you seeking to find out about the philosophical and psychological aspects of the deep teachings of yoga may wish to explore areas not normally shared in common classes. These structured and specific sessions are designed to expand your mind and give you deep insights into the depth and breadth of yoga. These classes are also geared towards having the ability to show and help others and are preparation for making yoga a part of your holistic disciplines. Whether it be for teaching, spiritual practice, personal or health reasons sometimes we are called to go deeper into our selves than the average person. We are all here to learn and grow. some more than others.

The private lessons are to facilitate a continuing and never ending moving towards excellence and self improvement.

There are no limits to what you can achieve if you choose a path and stay on it.

We use blankets, balusters, ropes and other equipment to ensure you do not over stretch. Each student is carefully guided through their own journey at their own pace.

These one on one private tuition training’s are for subtle instruction and sometimes one lesson can take months to master. It is not necessary to have them on a weekly bases as they can be an adjunct to all the other levels. They are to help you over come blockages and barriers to your own never ending development. You may find you want more, you may also find even just one is enough for where you are at in one particular situation. Either way they are there for you to help you on your special journey..

Private tuition is available for those who want special one on one attention to help master some of the difficult poses and to possibly begin preparation for a career in teaching. Those whom feel they need more time they are welcome to repeat the first five lessons as many times as they like or combine some more ambitious postures in the second or third time around.

Come enjoy a relaxed one on one session in an intimate and controlled environment. Each private lesson is approximately 2.00 hours and is structured to build on the last so there is a natural flow and order to things.

Private lessons can be cut down to 1.5 or 1.00 hour at our mutual discretion once the levels of need are determined.

I have made private tuition available for the purpose of working holistically on the growth of an individual as sometimes not all things can be communicated in a class environment and the discussion of things that either enhance or inhibit your individual progress and both private, intimate and confidential. Confidentiality is an element of the personal training.

Come join us and learn and grow.